Landscape Photography


West Nab ~ Huddersfield

Sony A7r + 24/70mm f4

ISO50 / 24mm / f11 / 13 secs


Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced amateur who’s looking to reach the next level in outdoor photography, this course is ideal for someone who is serious about their photography and wants to learn at their own pace, with no distractions. Learning goals are established before the course begins through email exchange and phone calls.


Based in the West Yorkshire, you will benefit from a choice of the most beautiful and scenic locations such as Moorlands, Peaks and Valleys also Reservoirs and rivers locally through to the Edale Valley in Derbyshire and further a field. Locations are decided upon by season and the prevailing lighting and weather conditions or clients request. I have been photographing the areas for many years so I will also share with you that location experience


What will you learn:

We will cover a large range of subjects including camera technique to creativity, We will also cover the subjects that you are finding the most difficult and break them down in the field so you have a greater understanding. Progress will assessed through out the day working at speed that you are comfortable with.


  • Learn how to assess a location & see the shot

  • Understand Composition

  • Understand rule of thirds & leading lines

  • Understanding Natural light


    Understanding how to use filters and how they work in relation to balancing a scene & light preventing blown out highlights, We will also practice creative filter use such as ND filters for long exposures and Grad filters for balancing sky to foreground, Polarisers for controlling reflections shiny surfaces also boosting colours.

    Filters can be provided for the duration of the workshop if needed.


  • Understanding your Camera & Settings

  • understanding aperture, ISO, shutter speed

  • Understanding your Histogram

  • Use of manual Modes & how to take control

  • understanding long exposures

  • understanding focus & depth of field

  • RAW v Jpeg

    What you will need for the workshop:
    Your camera & memory card. Wide angle lens is ideal and a telephoto lens will also offer good opportunities. A cable release to be able to control long exposures. A sturdy tripod (I have 1 spare if needed)

    Good warm clothing and waterproof coat, even in summer, at dusk it can get very cold in the wind. Sturdy walking boots are essential.


One to One

Course Price - £80


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